Small Business Saturday, 2016

On Small Business Saturday, 2016, people stood in line to sign a petition in support of restoring the Historic West Bend Theatre, and against tearing it down.

CBS 58 interviews Scott Georgeson, an award-winning architect who specializes in restoring and renovating historic theatres, and the designer of the proposed renovation for the Historic West Bend Theatre.  Some of Georgeson's other designs include the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, the Skylight Opera House, The Peninsula Players theatre in Door County, and the Schauer Center in Hartford.

Award-winning architect Scott Georgeson describes his vision to renovate the historic West Bend theatre into a multipurpose venue for use by the community.  The facility will include options to level the floor and to remove the seating, so the space may serve as a hall for weddings, banquets, class reunions, and regional corporate meetings.  The floor would return to stadium seating for events such as local theatre, national touring acts, classic movies, and dance recitals.  Georgeson's plans include removing a large center section of the east wall and replacing it with glass to let the natural sunlight in and to offer a view of the river and the green space to the east.  The window would be covered with a curtain designed for enhanced acoustics when a live performance took the stage, or any time a darkened interior was desired.  "The building is in very good shape, structurally.  The acoustics have been well-designed for this space, and buildings with this type of exterior and proscenium interior only become more valuable over time.  This building is a gem.  It would be a crime to tear it down."

Supporters of the Historic West Bend Theatre were asked to place colored dots to indicate the events for which they personally would use the theatre.

We ran out of stickers and started using markers.  "Classic Films" is winning here, but there is strong support for many other uses as well.

Thank you, petition signers!  We love you too!